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Premium Multi Bird Box Camera Systems Wireless

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Manufacturer: UK Wildlife Cameras
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720p Analogue Wireless Camera system using AV (Audio Video) Transmitter & Receiver for direct connection to your TV. Up to 100-meter transmission range. Comes with a handmade in the UK tilted roof nest box, designed and manufactured to UKWCs specifications.

  • Wireless connectivity
  • Designed to watch directly on your TV
  • Very easy setup 
  • High-Quality Box  
  • Front panels removable for bird table feeder conversion and optional open nest box setup.
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With our wireless bird box camera systems, you can learn about bird behaviour and nesting habits, watching them raise young in the spring and soldier through the winter months.

Complete with a camera, wireless receiver, and solidly constructed nest box, as well as all the cables and connections you will need to enjoy access to the footage in your home, this kit will start you off on your wildlife adventure with minimal fuss.

The Camera
You can capture great audio and video from within your bird box during the day or after the sun has set thanks to the excellent camera that is at the core of this setup.

It comes equipped with a cutting-edge sensor that delivers a 700 TV line resolution, providing excellent visual clarity that will make pictures really pop out of the screen. And with night-vision capabilities provided thanks to the integrated infrared LEDs, this camera can show you what goes on during the hours of darkness, when birds may be much more active than you might think.

As standard, the camera comes equipped with a wide-angle lens, which is ideal for giving you the best possible perspective on the action in the nest box. You have the option to unscrew this and swap it out with additional lenses further down the line if you wish, but for most people, the standard set-up will be more than adequate for their needs.

We test all of the equipment we sell thoroughly before it is sent out to customers as well as setting up the focus of the camera so that it will be well suited to use inside the box itself. This lets you get on with enjoying your purchase rather than having to spend hours fiddling with every aspect of it upon receipt.

For a truly wireless experience, you can power this camera via a battery, although it is also compatible with a mains adapter which is included as part of the bundle. We include the battery clip to give you more flexibility.

The Wireless Receiver
Since the camera broadcasts audio and video wirelessly over the 2.4GHz spectrum rather than via a cable, the receiver included in this system is essential to making all the action accessible. All you need to do is plug the receiver into a mains socket in your home and use the AV cable featured in the price of this package to connect it to your TV.

The added bonus of using this wireless system is that the receiver is not just compatible with the single camera included as standard but also has the option to work with up to four wireless cameras at the same time. A simple switch on the body of the device lets you switch between the other cameras you choose to add later, so if you want to monitor other bird boxes or any other area where wildlife is active, you can expand your setup without having to start from scratch.

In terms of range, the receiver and camera combination should work over distances of up to 100 meters when there are no physical obstructions or other wireless devices that may interfere between them. This will decrease if there are lots of things in the way to disrupt the system, but you should still be able to harness this kit in most gardens. Just make sure to take this into account when you choose where to position the nesting box relative to the receiver in your home.

The Box
Whether you want a dark brown or golden pine nest box or would prefer our quality cedar model, the choice is yours with this wireless system. All of the materials we use in the construction and colouring of the wood are safe for the birds to be in contact with and will create a durable place for them to make their home, year after year.

Windows mounted on either side of the box allow light into the interior during the day, which helps illuminate the nesting space without discouraging the birds from settling down. The purpose of this is to make sure that the camera can capture the best possible video when operating in full-colour mode. The infrared LEDs mentioned earlier will take over when the ambient light levels fall below acceptable limits, so there is no need to make manual adjustments of your own.

With the mounting bracket, fixing screws and comprehensive installation instructions included, getting the box in place with the camera positioned appropriately will be straightforward whatever your experience level. If you do need a helping hand, get in touch with us and we will answer any questions you might have to let you make the most of this wireless bird box camera system.

The Benefits

We also sell lots of accessories and add-ons that you can use to make your wildlife camera set-up even more comprehensive as your interest develops, such as extra wireless cameras that will work with the receiver. We ship to the UK and also provide worldwide delivery for customers in other countries who respect the value for money and quality we offer.

Typical Setup

Typical Analogue Wireless Setup


Power Cable Length
The supplied length is 5m which can be extended to a maximum of 100m with the standard power supply unit.
Extension cables are available separately which will plug directly to the end of the single existing cable.

Powering the Camera
As with all electrical devices, power is required and with the majority of nest box cameras, this would be external.
This is due to the wireless power consumption being quite high, and small batteries within the camera's body would only last for a few hours.
A 5m power extension cable is supplied to run the power source away from the nesting source (e.g. a nearby shed or to the bottom of a tree) to a 12V battery or to the supplied mains power plug. The power cable can be extended.
The wireless aspect refers to the wireless transmission of video and audio which is relayed back to the receiver. For some users, they may refer to this to as semi wireless.

Rechargeable power banks in different sizes with different usage times are available separately. The option of solar panel systems is also available for a complete autonomous setup. The location of installation of these would be away from the nest box for instance at the base of a tree to prevent any disturbance to the nesting site.

Wireless System Type
This is an analogue bird box wireless system which means it can suffer from wireless interference from other local wireless devices. 
At a power transmission of 10mW (restricted by Law) for analogue systems a maximum theoretical range of 100m could be achieved. Numerous users have reported various ranges anything from up to 70 metres to 20m, and occasionally there may be users that are unable to have the unit working across a single wall. We recommend from experience a range of 30m on average is achievable.
As with all wireless devices, range would normally drastically reduce with obstructions in particular walls. High gain antennae along with receiver extension cables for repositioning are available separately.
UKWCs do offer digital wireless systems and WiFi digital systems that are interference-free, with more powerful built-in transmitters (100mW). The wireless ranges can be pushed to around 250m, and our bespoke systems can go into kilometers if required.

Additional Wireless Cameras
This analogue bird box wireless system is capable of accepting a total of 4 independent wireless cameras.
You will need a separate analogue wireless camera operating on a different channel.
Pressing the switch on the 4 channel receiver will change the channel of the camera to be viewed. As one camera is supplied in this bird box system, and an additional three can be added.

TV/Computer Connection
The system offers the standard connection which plugs directly to the back of a TV/Monitor through the RCA. These are normally round phono-type connections found on the back of most of these devices and would look like round sockets normally coloured yellow (video), and white or red (audio).
The cable will directly connect to these with a third lead which is to be connected to the mains power plug.

HDMI and SCART adapters are available separately. These simply plug directly onto the existing cable.

A USB converter will directly plug onto the cable and the other end to the PC/MAC. This can be added at a later stage if required. The software supplied will allow the user to record, and watch live directly on the device. It is further possible to set motion detection.


Product Contents:
-1 x Camera Ready Nest Box
-1 x Nest Box Windows (with fittings)
-1 x Fixings (including camera mount)
-1 x Wireless Analogue CCD Camera
-1 x Wireless 4 Channel Receiver
-1 x Receiver Antenna
-1 x AV RCA Cable
-1 x 12V Mains Power Plug (Camera)
-1 x 12V Mains Power Plug (Receiver)
-1 x 5m Extension Cable
-1 x Instruction Booklet

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The standard hole entrance is 32mm. We do have plate available separately - 25 & 28mm which can simply be screwed over.
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