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The trail cameras found here operate just as an ordinary motion activated camera, but with the additional function of being able to send images and/or alerts to your mobile phone or email over a mobile phone network.

For the MMS operation they require either a prepaid / or contract sim card. Alternatively they can be used as trail cameras with the standard features without the MMS option. 

Multiple contact details can addressed for the camera to send notifications to.

The setup is very simple to do and can be done within minutes. 

These cameras are great for viewing remotely, whether you are a street or half way around the world away. 

 We do supply discounts should you require one or more units. Should you require any assisstance with purchasing or having difficulties with your set up, do let us know and we will be more than happy to help. We also do offer repair/upgrade services for the Ltl Acorn and ScoutGuard cameras.

We've made a quick Ltl Acorn comaparison table below which compares the parameters of the models with each other.

The 6000 series offers FULL HD Video capabilities (1080P video) and the 'W' in the model name indicates that the trail camera has wide angle lens which offers 100 degrees view instead of the standard 55 degrees.

Ltl Acorn Comparison (Wireless Cellular Series)