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Wireless CCD Bird Box Camera Kit - Sony Effio Sensor

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Manufacturer: UK Wildlife Cameras

This wireless DIY Bird Nest Box Camera Kit is a great kit to install into your existing nest box allowing you to what's going on during the day and night.
Wireless Transmission - Analogue
Camera Sensor - CCD

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This is the Sony Effio CCD variant of the popular CMOS wireless DIY Bird Nest Box Camera Kit, being a great entry level kit to install into an existing nest box allowing you to what's going on during the day and night.

Utilising the Sony Effio CCD sensor rather than CMOS, the camera is able to produce more realistic colours, better saturation including in B&W mode, and operate in colour mode in even lower light conditions. All in summary the CCD sensor outperform the CMOS bird box camera kit variant.

 Item Summary;

- Wireless Transmission of Audio & Video up to 100M.

- 628 x 582 (700TVL) Colour Resolution with wide angle lens preinstalled.

- Sony EFFIO CCD Sensor.

- Built in night vision with audio.

- Very easy to setup, plugs directly via the scart/AV to the TV.

Detailed Description

This is one of the most common entry level wireless camera kits available for many different nature watching applications.

The camera itself is small (size of a match box) and fitted on a tiltable bracket making installation ideal for all sorts of nest boxes, bird feeders, and general habitat nature spy. This camera is particularly ideal for feeders due to the more realistic colour saturation offered by the built in SONY EFFIO CCD sensor.
Don't be fooled with the amateur models that look exactly the same but contain cheaper inferior chips.

Built in night vision allows you to watch in dark environments and during night hours were insufficient lighting is present through it's 10 front faced infrared LEDs around the lens. Offering a maximum night vision range of 5m, this makes it well suitable for small nest boxes from garden birds to larger ones for owls, or even for viewing hedgehogs at night.
When activated, the camera will switch from operation in colour mode to B&W. Using infrared (IR) no glow LEDs allows the nesting occupents to be unaware the invisible ligthing is switched on.

As with most of our nest boxes a wider angled lens is presintalled for a better viewing angle particullary for smaller nesting environments.
Should this need to be prefocused, this can be acheived by twisting the lens either CW/CCW by hand, and can be removed if an even wider lens were to be installed.

There are several options of powering the camera.
Provided in the kit is an indoor mains power plug which offers a 1 metre in length of cable. This can be used to run the cable through a wall (e.g shed) to feed power to the camera on the other side.
The second option is to run power from a battery pack which is available separately. These do vary in sizes and will offer different usage hours. A battery clip option is also availble should the user wish to power the camera using a small PP3 battery (9V rectangular battery commonly found in most smoke alarms). 

With an extension cable the distance can be extended for either of the power options above, and is suited ideally to keep the power source away from the nesting area to provide no disturbance to the site whilst accessing/modifying the power supply. The cable is a simply plug and connect at either end.


The analogue wireless 2.4Ghz receiver allows you to add 3 additional cameras to the system without having the need of buying another one. A simple switch from 1 to 4 allows you to select the camera to view. There is no need for tuning, and to preselect the camera to view it's just a flick of a switch on the unit.
The receiver itself runs at 9 to 12V power source, and a mains power plug is supplied. Video and audio outputs from the receiver are connecter to the AV cable (supplied), and the other end to the AV input of the TV/monitor.
Scart & HDMI adpators are available separately.

Wireless Range & Performance
A maximum range of 100m is a theoretical assumption and will greatly vary depending on the site, local conditions and installation. This is an analogue wireless transmission system which offers a maximum 10mW power output due to UK regulations were in comparision with digital systems this is 100mW. As an example, we had users acheiving 70m in wireless range, some 20m, and occasional users unable to acheive the wireless system to work across over a single wall. A 30 day return policy is in place with us should this not satisfactorly work.

As this is an analogue wireless system, it can be prone to wireless interference from other local devices resulting in reduced range or inteference on either of the video/audio. From experience we have found around 20% of users will have some issues and 10% of those are unable to resolve this leaving them to upgrade the unit to one of our digital systems. The great advantage with this entry level product is the huge price drop in comparision with the digital systems available.

A booster antenna are available separately which can replace the existing aerial on the reciever offering higher gain increasing the reception, and in most cases help with increasing the wireless range.


Typical installation (preliminary electrical test setup indoors) would normally take around 20 minutes for first time users.

Product Contents
1x 12V Wall Power supply for Camera

1x 12V Wall Power supply for Receiver

1x 4 Channel Receiver

1x Sony EFFIO CCD Camera

1x AV Cable

1x Antenna for Receiver

1x Fixing Screws

1x Instruction Booklet

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