Wildlife watching is getting smarter, and easier every year. Thus, the market is dwindling for the best WiFi Camera apps. There are a few options to explore if you want to get the best of your devices. 

The process of adding the camera to the APP differs depending on the device. The smart device APPs provide camera viewing software and each setup might be slightly different.  

Using selected by our team apps, you will be able to access your footage on your mobile devices, configure basic camera settings and control them remotely.

All the apps we use can be downloaded for free for either IOS or Android devices. 


CamHi APP      
YooSee APP      
ICSEE Setup      



The ICSee App is the most popular not only with our Bird Box Cameras but also with those sold by competitors. 

There are three methods of setting your WiFi camera using this app, which you will find described in the links below. Sometimes if one way fails you, you would be able to connect to the camera using an alternative method. This would depend on various factors, including networks and cameras specs. 

  1. METHOD 1


  1. METHOD 2


  1. METHOD 3