Bird Feeder Cameras 

Wired & Wireless Options - with up to 4k High Resoltion Colour

At UK Wildlife Cameras, we've been supplying a number of bespoke bird feeder cameras systems since we've started with our nest box camera kits. These let you get very close to watching birds feed on our bespoke bird feeders.

These are complete kits, with all the electronics you need together with a bespoke built feeder designed by UK Wildlife Cameras.

Bird Feeder Cameras

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Learning About Bird Feeder Cameras

Our Bird Feeder Camera Systems will allow you to watch birds feeds up close with a crisp clear high-resolution video feed all from the comfort of your viewing space. These kits are complete with everything you require to get going and attract a range of garden birds. Supplementary feeding will encourage birds to revisit your garden more frequently which is a great plus, and at the same time, more importantly boost the survival rate during the cold winter months.

With these systems you can view up to 100m away easily. We can supply options for greater range.
We provide both wireless and wired options and PC connectivity should you wish to watch and view on your computer.

Should I Buy a Wireless or Wired Feeder System?

Wired Bird Feeder Systems
We've got both wired and wireless bird feeder systems. Wired options will have a cable running all the way to from the feeder camera and straigh to the back of a TV or PC/MAC.
If you opt for one of our wired POE internet versions, the cable will run from the camera to a internet connection (e.g. router).

Wireless Bird Feeder Systems
We've got three different wireless options to choose from. These are: analogue, digital, and WiFi Digital.
Analogue - are the cheapest wireless feeder cameras available.
Digital - these variants allow you connect straight to a TV/PC/MAC directly. These are very reliable and can work up to kilometres in range.
WiFi Digital - Connects straight to your WiFi network and view/record straight through an APP on your phone/tablet and also PC/MAC. For this, you will need to ensure the bird feeder camera is within the WiFi range.

Recording Options?

The WiFi wireless option and the wired POE internet cameras can be viewed through an APP on your phone/tablet. This facilitates built in recording and motion activation features.
For other options you can use a USB Grabber/Capturing device, or alternatively a NVR/DVR box to record and view later. You will have advanced features such as motion detection, and timed recording.

Live Viewing or Trail/Trap Camera

Have you considered one of our trail/trap cameras instead or as an addition to your existing bird feeder station? These cameras are battery powered and store the video/images onto a memory card when the camera senses motion within a few metres. The camera can then be picked up even after a few months of usage to replay any footage! These can be found here.