Camera traps, also known as trail cameras or scouting cameras,  hidden in the best places to watch wildlife, are activated by an infrared sensor when body heat or movement from an animal is detected. Day and night these cameras provide a glimpse into a previously unseen world. 

UK Wildlife Cameras are now introducing the WiFi range of Trail Cameras that will allow you to connect and view a live video of animals, using your mobile phone. The app allows you to set up and control the trail camera on your mobile phone over WiFi. You can remotely adjust video resolution settings, video length, set times to record, view images or playback videos, see an indication of battery, and switch the camera on and off should you wish to. 

By exploring our WiFi trail camera range you will be taking wildlife watching and camera trapping to the next level! The WiFi trap camera will act as a WiFi hotspot without a need to be connected to the router, so you can become a naturespy from the comfort of your home! It’s that easy!

With wildlife cameras from our WiFi range, you can observe and learn the behaviour of many species in your garden including birds, badgers, rabbits, foxes, and squirrels. Our camera traps have even captured some incredible footage of rare in the UK pine martens. 

All the WiFi Trap cameras are battery operated and wireless. They can be strapped to trees or posts and have an exceptional night vision. 

We specialise in real-life wildlife monitoring and only distribute from the UK’s most trusted manufacturers. 

The instant access to footage from the WiFi trail camera also proved to be a great feature for security purposes, such as fly-tipping or workshop security.

REMEMBER: To connect your device to the WIFI trail camera, you need to be within WiFi range of the camera. For the remote access to trail cameras in woodlands and no-wifi areas, we recommend our  Cellular Wireless Trail Cameras, allowing videos or pictures to be sent via a mobile network to your phone or email.

WiFi Trail Cameras

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