A camera trap might come with lots of attention-grabbing capabilities onboard, but unless it can get the basics right and shoot high quality photos reliably, all of these additional features will be irrelevant.

Image capture technology has evolved significantly over the years, meaning that even modestly priced trail cameras can come equipped with high-resolution sensors, while taking advantage of image interpolation techniques to include even more detail into every shot.

However, interpolation is not without its problems; it is effectively an enhancement trick that relies upon software to boost the resolution of images, rather than taking advantage of the raw hardware. Photography purists will prefer to opt for cameras which have a higher native sensor resolution, even if this means spending a little more to get the results they want without compromising.

Even a high resolution is not enough to guarantee good quality images; other factors such as the aperture, ISO, focal range, field of view and a range of additional elements need to be taken into account. Unless you are already an expert in this area, it can all become a bit confusing, which is why we are here to help you make the right decision.

If you need to be pointed in the right direction, our line up of hand picked camera traps, all of which come with excellent image quality, are worthy of your attention...

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