Wildlife Camera Recording Devices 

When shopping for Wildlife Watching Camera Kits and systems, you will often be encouraged to use a video recorder. Our wildlife video recording range of products offers devices used for single or multi-camera connection to a TV, Monitor, IOS or Android mobile device.
Using Video Recorders to watch garden wildlife allows you to take the experience to another level by adding a reliable connection, bringing unlimited opportunities for viewing live & motion playback of your wildlife footage. 

Depends on the Wildlife Camera set up, you might need to choose between a DVR or NVR device. Without going into too much detail, we take this opportunity to share a short and easy guide to understanding the difference, making it easier to choose the perfect solution for your needs.  

Purchasing a DVR or NVR recorder is a choice you have to make while taking into consideration the type of system you might already have in place or before setting up a Wildlife Watching Camera Kit. It matters since it decides the cost, the installation, and the quality of the wildlife footage you will be expecting. 

Both DVR and NVRs are responsible for recording video but differ in how and what type of camera is used.


DVRs and NVRs handle the video data differently and require different types of cameras.

NVR stands for Network Video Recorder and is mostly used with IP cameras whereas DVRs (Digital Video Recorder) are used with analog cameras.

It’s also important to note that DVR-based Camera Kits will be wired, whereas NVR systems can be wired or wireless. A DVR recorder must be connected to the camera directly. In comparison, an NVR recorder uses your network and the camera will be only require to connect to the same network.

DVR recorder doesn’t provide power to the cameras. Each camera connection will need a splitter that supplies power to enable cameras to function.

Using NVR or DVR systems paired up with our professional Wildlife Watching Cameras will be required to deliver desired results while viewing remotely on a TV, PC, or a mobile. 

It will also make it easy to record and archive footage, whether you're an ornithology student,  birdwatcher or you just enjoy watching garden friends and wildlife like hedgehogs or even foxes.

If you need any advice on choosing the right Video Recorder, please contact us and we will be pleased to assist you.  

Recorders (DVR, NVR, PC)

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