While wildlife fans may be the most obvious target audience for camera traps, they are not just ideal for snapping animals in their natural environments, and can actually be used to serve other purposes. Security and surveillance are two areas in which a number of modern camera traps excel, for example.

In the case of fulfilling surveillance duties, a camera trap will need to be well disguised so that any intruders or trespassers will not be able to detect its presence. A camouflaged body that helps it to blend into the background is a real asset in this case. Furthermore, a trail camera which has infrared LEDs that do not produce any discernable glow in the visual spectrum will mean that when they are triggered, the subjects they capture will remain totally unaware that they have been caught on camera. This can have the added benefit of preventing cameras from being singled out, tampered with or even stolen in their own right.

Another feature which makes some camera traps perfect for security purposes is wireless connectivity. Models with built-in mobile network access can automatically ping pictures to you anywhere in the world on your smartphone as soon as they are captured. This will let you review what is going on at your premises, regardless as to where you are, allowing you to decide to take action if necessary.

Our extensive line up of camera traps includes a number of models that make sense in security applications, so here are our recommended choices...

Security Applications

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