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Bird Box Cameras (With a Nest Box)

60 species of bird use nest boxes in private gardens throughout the UK. With our nest box camera kits,

Nest Box Cameras (DIY Electronics)

At UK Wildlife Cameras, we stock everything you need for your very own bird watching set-up.

Bird Feeder Cameras

Our Bird Feeder Camera Systems will allow you to watch birds feeds up close.

Camera Ready Nest Boxes

The Camera Ready Nest Box has been designed to optimise the performance of your nest box.

Trail Cameras

Self-powered, self-operated and built to withstand all weathers – trail or scouting cameras.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal cameras come in a range of sizes, specifications and price brackets.


We sell a wide range of accessories for your wildlife system whether it is one of our kits or not.

Battery Packs

View our 12V and 9V Rechargeable Battery Packs

Garden Wildlife Cameras

Weatherproof Garden Cameras

  • Taking care of a hedgehog

    The hedgehog is the UK’s only prickly mammal, but it’s in trouble. Despite being voted Britain’s Favourite Wild Mammal, hedgehog numbers have been declining for many years. Although many of you may have spotted hedgehogs in your gardens and parks, these sightings are becoming rarer and rarer! So rare in fact that hedgehogs have now been classified as “Vulnerable to Extinction”. We all...
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  • Ereagle Camera Testing

    Ereagle Camera Testing

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  • 6511 MG  4G Advanced Cellular Trail Camera by LTL Acorn

    6511 MG 4G Advanced Cellular Trail Camera by LTL Acorn

    The Ltl Acorn 6511MG 4G Advanced Version is a 4G-ready trail camera  with wireless image transfer capabilities, a maximum capture resolution of 12 megapixels, and many other impressive specifications. It is a great and reliable cellular camera, offering you the freedom of choosing your network provider, unlike the Spypoint cellular cameras that include preactivated o2 SIM.
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