Thermal Imaging Cameras

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 Wildlife is often active after dark, which is a useful tactic for avoiding detection by predators but not so helpful for people who want to see how creatures live their lives when humans are not around. This is where thermal imaging cameras come into play, allowing you to capture clear video and audio after the sun has set so that secret animal behaviours can be seen for the first time.

Thermal cameras come in a range of sizes, specifications and price brackets. You can buy static cameras which can provide monitoring and motion detection throughout the day and night. You can also invest in portable thermal cameras which can be attached to smartphones and other devices to let you see in the dark when you are on the move.

This type of technology does not require the use of a separate source of light, such as infrared LEDs. Instead, it bases its imaging on the heat signatures given off by any living creature that crosses its field of view. So whether you want to monitor foxes, badgers, hedgehogs and other ground dwellers or keep tabs on bats, owls and their airborne contemporaries, these cameras will come in handy.

Different cameras in this category will be distinguished from one another based on their thermal range, which is the distance over which they can successfully detect heat. The longer the range, the better the camera’s ability to capture far-off subjects at night, whatever the weather. This will not only impact performance but will also determine price in most cases.

Remember to also look at the field of view that a camera can achieve. The wider the angle, the broader the potential area which can be monitored - this will make it easier to set up the camera and capture compelling wildlife action.

Our selection of thermal cameras for wildlife fanatics are all high-quality items from leading brands. And if you have any questions about these products, get in touch for a swift response.