Trade & Wholesale

UK Wildlife Cameras is a leading supplier of wildlife camera equipment to the commercial, educational, charitable and public sectors.

Our vast range of products includes everything from bird box cameras and trail cameras to recording devices and all the accessories you will need to create your ideal monitoring setup.

You can purchase wildlife camera products individually or as part of comprehensive kits that are easy to install and produce brilliant results, with professional grade AV capture capabilities on display. Recording high definition video and high-quality audio is a breeze with a number of the solutions we stock.

We even supply thermal imaging cameras which are able to provide after dark surveillance, taking advantage of technology including motion sensors and infrared LEDs to capture animals in their natural habitats without disturbing them in the process.

UK Wildlife Cameras offers these great benefits:

  • Dedicated Technical & Trade Support
    If you have any questions or require bespoke systems or packaging, just ask us!
  • Established Suppliers to Public & Private Sectors
    With over 10 years experience with supplying numerous individuals, companies within the private & public sectors.
    We've supported numerous local authourities including numerous Councils across the UK, Security including Metropolitan Police and Covert Surveillance Agents, and Nature Protection Groups.
  • Extended Working Hours
    We do operate outside the normal working hours to accelerate our growth of business.
  • Competitive Prices
    As one of the major suppliers of wildlife surveillance equipment with over a decades experience, we are highly competitive with direct access to numerous manufacturers, and our very own fabricated products in house. 
    We treat competition as a great function to accelerate the growth of product development, and value for the end user.

If you have any questions about the wildlife camera products on our site or would like to learn more about how we work with businesses and organisations of all kinds as a leading supplier, please get in touch.
Our contact page features a form to fill out and when you send us a query, our friendly and experienced team will get back to you as quickly as possible.