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Premium Multi Bird Box Camera Systems Wired

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Manufacturer: UK Wildlife Cameras

A complete Wired Bird Box camera System is designed to be connected to your TV or a monitor directly. It includes everything you need to get started:

  • High quality, handmade Bird Box designed and handmade in the UK, manufactured to UKWCs specifications
  • Night Vision wired CCD camera
  • All necessary cables and fixings

The camera kit is easy to install with our visual instructions. 

In stock

Wired Bird Box Camera System 

Our wired bird box camera system is an exceptional system for anyone who has ever wondered what goes on when birds are nesting away from prying eyes. This kit includes all you need to create the perfect environment to study wildlife and secure intimate footage with minimal effort. With two box sizes to choose from and cutting-edge AV hardware included, this is a great way for eager amateurs to enjoy their passion for nature without venturing further than their own back garden.


The Camera

Technological developments over the years have made high-quality cameras smaller and smaller, resulting in the unit that is included as part of this kit. It can record full-colour video and comes with a wide-angle lens, meaning that it will be able to capture all of the action that goes on inside the box when mounted in a number of different positions.

Housed in a sturdy metal casing about the size of a box of matches, it is protected from the kinds of conditions that are usually encountered within a bird box. This means it will work well across a broad range of temperature profiles and will also withstand splashing - without being entirely weatherproof.

The onboard sensor is capable of capturing colour images with a 700 TV line resolution SONY EFFIO sensor camera, which is competitive for a kit of this kind. It should look good when viewed via a variety of screen types, giving you monitoring capabilities that would have been impossible to achieve on a budget in the past.

Another advantage of the camera is that it comes with six infrared LEDs which allow it to operate after dark. The night vision mode means that you can record footage of the nesting birds without disturbing them, providing a truly uncompromising surveillance experience. Best of all, the camera will switch between its night and day settings automatically so that you always get the best experience.

Hooking the camera up to your TV should be straightforward thanks to the composite video and audio outputs that are available. So if you want to hear as well as see what is going on within the box, then you should be able to plug it in and start enjoying unfettered access immediately.

The Cables

Since this is a fully wired bird box camera system, it needs to be powered via an AC adaptor, which is included as part of the package. You will also receive a 3 in 1 cable that transmits the audio and video to the TV or monitor of your choice while also sending power to the camera to minimise clutter and streamline installation. A 20-metre cable is included as part of the basic price, with 30-metre and 50-metre cables also available if required.

While the wired nature of the kit does mean that it is limited by the length of the cabling, which you can adjust when you place your order, there are several advantages to choosing this over a wireless alternative. Chiefly, the consistency of performance and the quality of the imagery will be the biggest selling points, so if you can choose a wired set-up then it is advisable.

If you require a USB adapter so that you can review and record footage on a compatible PC or Mac, then you can also add this to the bundle when you place your order. 

The Bird Box

There are two sizes and three colours of bird box available as part of this kit, with golden or dark brown pine variants sitting alongside the stylish cedar model. You can pick whichever fits in with the place where you intend to install the box itself, allowing it to blend in with the background or stand out at a statement piece.

The wooden construction of the box and the included mounting bracket that houses the camera give you yet more choice in terms of where you want to affix it. Many people choose to position the camera on the back wall of the box, but it is equally possible to place it on the side or front walls as well as the roof.

Usually, it is recommended that the cable connected to the camera is trailed out in the gap between the roof and the walls of the box. Since the whole assembly is so compact, you have total control over how it is installed.

The rest of the box is similar in design to other nesting equipment you may have encountered in the past, but with a few tweaks to make it better suited to filming. There are additional windows created in each side wall so that daylight can spill in and make the colour-capture capabilities of the camera look even more impressive. 

Quality materials are used to create the box, and you can make your own adjustments, such as removing the front panel to increase the size of the opening and allow different species to use it from year to year.

Comprehensive instructions to help you install and maintain the entire system are included, and if you have any questions or issues that need to be addressed, we are on hand to help in any way we can.

This garden bird box is aimed at:

  • Blue Tits
  • Great Tits
  • Coal Tits
  • Robins
  • Sparrows
  • And more!

The Benefits

Aside from the build quality and performance capabilities mentioned above, the main advantage of buying a premium multi bird box camera system from UK Wildlife Cameras is that it makes things so much easier than if you chose to put this type of set-up together by yourself. The box is ready to receive the included camera, and installation could not be any simpler, even if you have never worked with this type of equipment before.

This really is a plug-and-play nest box monitoring experience rather than something that will leave you tearing your hair out in frustration. It makes a great present for other bird lovers as well as a sensible investment if you want to understand more about the secret lives of these winged beauties.

Setup Example




Cable Length

The supplied length is 20m which can be extended to a maximum of 100m with the standard power supply unit. Extension cables are available separately which will plug directly to the three plugs at the end of the single cable.

TV/Computer Connection

The system offers the standard connection which plugs directly to the back of a TV/Monitor through the RCA. These are normally round phono-type connections found on the back of most of these devices and would look like round sockets normally coloured yellow (video), and white or red (audio).

The cable will directly connect to these with a third lead which is to be connected to the mains power plug.

HDMI and SCART adapters are available separately. These simply plug directly onto the existing cable.

A USB converter will directly plug onto the cable and the other end to the PC/MAC. This can be added at a later stage if required. The software supplied will allow the user to record, and watch live directly on the device. It is further possible to set motion detection. 

Product Contents:

-1 x Camera Ready Nest Box

-1 x Nest Box Windows (with fittings)

-1 x Fixings (including camera mount)

-1 x Wired CCD Camera

-1 x 12V Mains Power Plug (Camera)

-1 x 20m 3 in 1 Cable.

-1 x Instruction Booklet

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